Aims & Objectives

The institution aims to awaken the intelligence of the child and inculcate in him/her a love for nature and all forms of life, to create an atmosphere of love, order and freedom and not to condition the child in any particular belief, religious or political, so that his/her mind may be free about an all round development and help to create a confidence to face the challenges of life.

The Aims and Objectives of Little Angels School are:

  • Providing quality education to its student.
  • Along with academic discipline, emphasis is also laid on an all round character building.
  • Ensuring moral, mental and physical growth of the students and creating in them a zest for learning.
  • Healthy recreational activities, various hobbies like reading, music, dance are encouraged.
  • Broadening the outlook of the pupils, through training in co-operation, team spirit and service of the whole society.
  • Maintaining an atmosphere of discipline and obedience.