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Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday01 Oct 2019Result of Mid Term
2Wednesday02 Oct 2019Gandhi Jayanti Shramjivi Divas
3Friday04 Oct 2019Pick & Tell (Pre.Nur. to I)
4Sunday06 Oct 2019Dusshera Holidays
5Monday07 Oct 2019Dusshera Holidays
6Tuesday08 Oct 2019Dusshera Holidays
7Thursday10 Oct 2019Inter House T.Shirt & Shoe Designing Compt.
8Friday11 Oct 2019Inter House English Elocution(Junior)
9Tuesday15 Oct 2019Dough Compt. (II to IX) Tell a Story K.G. & I
10Thursday17 Oct 2019Inter House Wall Grafitti Compt.
11Tuesday22 Oct 2019Inter House English Play
12Thursday24 Oct 2019Story telling Class II + III & Hindi Rect. Pre.Nur. to I
13Friday25 Oct 2019Story telling Class IV
14Sunday27 Oct 2019Diwali Holidays
15Monday28 Oct 2019Diwali Holidays
16Tuesday29 Oct 2019Diwali Holidays
17Thursday31 Oct 2019Fancy Dress (Pre- Nursery)
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