Rules Of Conduct


Students should be present in the class at the beginning of the period and in time for all other activities and functions. Student, who arrives late without prior permission, will be required to bring a note from the parents/Guardian who is to handed over to the class teacher. However, if a student arrives late without permission more than thrice, he/she will not be allowed to attend the Class on that date.


Attendance on the last day of the school before a vacation and first day of the school after the vacation is absolutely essential. However, absence on the first day will be permitted for special reasons with the prior will be liable for disciplinary action. Students will not be allowed to leave the school early. In case of such a requirement, a note from the parent is to be furnished to the Principal.

Leave of Absence

Besides the vacation period, students are not granted any leave except under special circumstances, to be explained by the parent through a note to the Principal Prior Leave application stating the reason is mandatory for the student to be granted his leave. Repeated absence without leave or, unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days will render the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted at the discretion of the principal. A child who has been suffering from any contagious disease will be allowed to attend classes only after producing a certificate from the medical practitioner that he/she is free from infection.

General Behavior

  • Students are required to behave politely at all times and should not use indecent language or, indulge in fights and quarrels with others in the school. Any behavior likely to hurt others in the matters of language, religion, caste or community, is strictly prohibited. The following practices are strictly forbidden.
  • (i) Spitting in or near the school building except where provision for this purpose.
    (ii) Disfiguring or,otherwise damaging any school property.
    (iii) Rowdy and rude behavior.
    (iv) Use of violence in any form.
    (v) Casteism and communalism.

  • Care must be taken of the school property and no student should scratch or damage school property or write or draw on the walls or cause damage in any way to an item belonging to the school. Any damage done will render the student liable for recovery of damages.
  • Every student should have his/her own text book,stationery and other material required for studies. Articles should not be exchanged nor money borrowed or lent.
  • In the absence of the teacher, students are required to observe silence and obey the monitor of the class.
  • Indisciplined behavior in the school bus will result in the students being debarred from using the same.
  • A students who uses unfair mean in the examination will render himself / herself liable to punishment as per the direction of the principal.
  • Any objectionable conduct outside the school will make the student liable for disciplinary action.
  • Students found possessing or, reading any book or magazine of an indecent nature are liable to disciplinary action.
  • Every student should take care of his/her personal belongings. School authority will not be responsible for loss of such belongings.
  • It is the duty of the students to keep their class room and other places in and around the school, clean and in order. Waste paper and other discardable material should be thrown in the dust bin.
  • No student is allowed to write on the black board unless asked to do so by the teacher.
  • Before leaving the classroom at the end of the day, they should arrange the desks and chairs in proper order, put off the lights and fans, shut the windows, throw the waste paper and unwanted materials into the dust bin and then leave for the day.
  • Violation of the rules and regulations of the school and code of conduct will render the concerned student liable to punishment including removal from the rolls of the school.