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Silver Jubilee BTS

Event Date : 5th Nov, 2022' Modified Date : 4th Nov, 2022' Description: Here are some enthralling moments which...'

Silver Jubilee Teaser

Event Date : 5th Nov, 2022' Modified Date : 3rd Nov, 2022' Description: Silver Jubilee Teaser (2022 Annual...'

Patriotic Song...

Event Date : 13th Aug, 2022' Modified Date : 13th Aug, 2022' Description: It was a red letter day in the history...'


Event Date : 3rd Aug, 2022' Modified Date : 1st Aug, 2022' Description: The society of the promotion of the...'

Ma'am Birthday...

Event Date : 19th Jul, 2022' Modified Date : 18th Jul, 2022' Description: On the occasion of the Birth Anniversary...'

Inter House Folk Dance...

Event Date : 19th Jul, 2022' Modified Date : 18th Jul, 2022' Description: The last competition of the Fest the...'

Spin-A-Yarn competition

Event Date : 13th Jul, 2022' Modified Date : 13th Jul, 2022' Description: The 3rd Day of the Angels’ Fest. The...'


Event Date : 12th Jul, 2022' Modified Date : 12th Jul, 2022' Description: 2nd Day of Angels’ Fest The Angels’...'

Project By C.B.S.E.

Event Date : 20th Nov, 2021' Modified Date : 19th Nov, 2021' Description: Student of class XI - Humanities Saloni...'

Children's Day _2021

Event Date : 16th Nov, 2021' Modified Date : 14th Nov, 2021' Description: The showstopper comic act ,was of the...'

Parayavaran Bachao...

Event Date : 28th Sep, 2021' Modified Date : 9th Sep, 2021' Description: To conserve and save environment the...'

75th Independence...

Event Date : 16th Aug, 2021' Modified Date : 15th Aug, 2021' Description: It is the day when we all get together...'

class 10 Result...

Event Date : 6th Aug, 2021' Modified Date : 3rd Aug, 2021' Description: A success story is not worthwhile...'

Angels' Fest 2021 Closing...

Event Date : 20th Jul, 2021' Modified Date : 18th Jul, 2021' Description: Closing Ceremony All is well that ends...'

JAM (Just A Minute)...

Event Date : 17th Jul, 2021' Modified Date : 16th Jul, 2021' Description: Day-4 Angels' Fest JAM (Just A Minute )...'

Poem Rendition_Hindi

Event Date : 14th Jul, 2021' Modified Date : 13th Jul, 2021' Description: Angels' Fest, Day_2'

Inauguration of Angels’...

Event Date : 14th Jul, 2021' Modified Date : 12th Jul, 2021' Description: A wonderful platform to devote to our...'

Remembrance Video

Event Date : 26th Apr, 2021' Modified Date : 26th Apr, 2021' Description: In the memory of our beloved principal...'

Kala Utsav 2020

Event Date : 12th Jan, 2021' Modified Date : 28th Dec, 2020' Description: Little Angels' aim at the complete...'

Clown Convention_2020

Event Date : 24th Dec, 2020' Modified Date : 19th Dec, 2020' Description: Over a past few months. We have...'

COVID-19 Precautions And...

Event Date : 25th Nov, 2020' Modified Date : 23rd Nov, 2020' Description: Keeping in view the safety and security...'

Achiever's Mindset

Event Date : 1st Dec, 2020' Modified Date : 30th Oct, 2020' Description: An opportunity to recount and celebrate...'


Event Date : 8th Oct, 2019' Modified Date : 8th Oct, 2019' Description: Little Angels School burns the effigies...'

Shramiji Divas

Event Date : 2nd Oct, 2019' Modified Date : 2nd Oct, 2019' Description: 2 Oct'19 Shramjivi Divas was celebrated...'

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