School Uniform

The school uniform is available in the market .The school uniform for the children a specified from time to time, is compulsory. The wearing of the uniform about oneness amongst the children and responsibility in their attitudes .Parents are requested to avoid buying oversize uniform because it does not look smart and becomes inconvenient for their child to run and play about freely .The Boy must have short hair cuts (except Sikh) Girls hair must be cut short or tied back neatly. Each child must carry a handkerchief .Procuring and wearing a properly fitting uniform a well as its maintenance needs optimum attention from parents. A child can be sent back if improperly dressed.

Classes Girls Boys
P.Nur & Nur Red Polka dot frocks (with sandals) Red shorts with red polka dot shirt (with sandals)
KG to V Grey Tunics Grey short, Red shirt. Black shoes (Action-School Times), Grey socks Belt with school monogram
Girls/Boys-VI to XII Red kurta grey salwar and dupatta. Grey Trousers/Red shirt. Black shoes (Action-School Time) Grey socks Belt with school monogram
SUMMER HOUSE UNIFORM ( To be worn on Saturday)
Pre+Nur Home Cloths
Girls/Boys-KG to V House coloured parted skirt/House coloured shorts with house colours on the collar sleeves. White sports shoes and White socks
Girls/Boys-V to XI House Track pants/ white T-shirts with house colours on the collar and Sleeves. White sports shoes and White socks
Classes Girls/Boys
P.Nur & Nur House Track suit
KG to XII Grey woolen full length trousers(no. leggings permitted) Red Full Sleeved Shirts. Grey woollen socks Black shoes(Actions-School Times) School Tie Grey Pullover with school monogram Blue woollen blazer with school monogram
Classes Girls/Boys
KG to XI House Track suit


(i) It is a mandatory for every child to possess full white uniform.
(ii) Every child must possess a sleeveless sweater and a blazer for winter uniform.
(iii) No child is allowed to enter the school without uniform even if he/she is coming for an extra class.
(iv) Students are not allowed to wear casuals on their birthdays (Class VI up wards).