Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
It is extremely important that we shouldn’t ask what a child needs to know or be able to do in order to fit into the existing social order. Instead we should ask, “What lives in each human being and can it be developed in him or her?” only then it is possible to direct new qualities of each emerging generation into the society. Society will then become what young people make out of existing social condition. The new generation should not be made to be what present society wants it to become.

Whatever an education is, it should furnish you with original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges. It should allow you to find values which will be your road map through life. It should make you spiritually rich: A person who loves whatever you are doing. It should teach you what is important and how to live.

We also need to understand that success is not reserved for only those who score 96% in exams, and that life is not only about money ; it is about loving what you are doing.

When students grow up, they will not walk around wearing medals around their necks but they will carry confidence, communication skills and a belief in their skills.
Our National Education policy forms the crux of this thought process. We are confident that with this notion at the back of our minds we would be able to successfully nurture the inquisitive mind.
Our school I would affirm does not teach just bookish knowledge which will be forgotten with the passage of time, but more importantly learning etiquette and habits which is the essence of life. Thus encouraging the students to be creative, tolerant, positive and confident, of well rounded characters, who respect the opinion of others and can stand up for a purposeful life and in doing so be of value to the society. This I believe would be true education.
Thank you to each individual who is associated with the school and plays a contributory role in its progress.
Wishing everyone good luck for a new normal 2021.